Saturday, 31 March 2012


Oh my dear readers!

I must apologise for the extended absence these past few months! Life just got on top of me and the daily blogs just took a back seat. But this is set to change indeed!

I'll give you a little lowdown and much needed explanation for the truancy! So, the last time we talked was back in the middle of September when I was starting my classes and getting back into the swing of "being a student" something that I hadn't been for well over 9 months. I was beginning my degree in "Lens Based Photo Media" i.e. Photography and a bit of Video, my AAT in Accountancy. I went through a horrible break up and was just getting to know the people on my courses and making some good friends. Hurray for being less socially awkward!

3 Months later in January 2012 I was now with my lovely boyfriend (I'd like to say partner, but it's way too formal!) Calvin and I couldn't be happier, college was getting crappier and I was seriously stressing out with some new ideas that I really wanted to implement.

Step back to Christmas 2011, I had a brainwave to open up my own shop, specialising in Alternative clothing with a 50s edge. I knew it would work, how I wanted it to look, what I wanted to call it and that it was exactly what my town needed, an injection of vintage retro style!

In January I decided to go into business with my aunt who had a similar shop on the other side of the river and wanted to be closer to home. We found a retail space, got the financial backing from the bank, and bought our first lot of stock! By 17th March we were having our Grand Opening and starting to make money!

All while this was happening I was having issues with college, thankfully because of my Aunt I missed a minimal amount of coursework; the issues were more about the quality of education we were receiving, and as student rep it was my job to bring it up and get it sorted.

Despite any action that might take place in the next few weeks, I have decided to leave at the end of the academic year and focus purely on the shop and my accountancy. I can earn so much more and progress further if I don't have a few hours a day, 5 days a week of something that at the moment seems quite pointless. It's such a shame as I really enjoyed the first few months, but when your enthusiasm, inspiration, determination and positivity is at nil, its time to make a change.

I'll be doing my AAT Accountancy course on one day, rather than two evenings, and hopefully get enrolled to start on my CIMA exams (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) in order to be chartered by the time I finish my AAT. Then I can start on a career which can earn me decent amounts while being free to build up my business as I'm hoping to freelance with the Accountancy.

Seriously exciting times, there is so much I want to do, that I know will release some potential in the shop, get me a decent wage.

Inspired by the lovely Kaelah of Honeybean Boutique fame I am composing a goal list of "20 before 21" keep an eye out for it in the next post!