Friday, 1 March 2013

February Update - March!

Hey readers!

My thing for february was to spend more quality time with the fiancé. We did manage to have a nice meal out at a cafe once a week, I especially loved Tofts which is a place just down our little avenue that sells great food, I always go for the fish goujon ciabatta, which is basically a posh fish finger sandwich. Calvin usually goes for the steak and cheese ciabatta, equally delicious!

We didn't really get around to having th nice walks, etc, but that will come once the weather gets a lot nicer!

I've now officially started work! I'll get paid monthly, which I was a little annoyed about at first because it'd be nice to have the money weekly. But then again, I'll get a nice chunk at the end of the month! I've already got 24 hours down for this week (twice the amount of my contracted hours!), which is really brilliant as the majority of my shifts are a nice short 4 hours.

For march, the goal is to blog almost every day! Here's hoping I can make it!

In other news, I have a Japanese Speaking Test to get sorted, and I'm feeling pretty grown up and responsible now that I'm taking control of my bills and bringing my own money in.

Here's to march!

Peace and Love