The Kind-Hearted Blogger

This is a campaign started by Jo-Annie of EmjayandMe. There can be a lot of bitching and drama in the blog community, surprisingly enough. The whole point of this campaign is to inject some kindness into the community. If you blog, you can help by pledging the following and by placing a button on your site. 

  • Create, inspire and admire, rather than compete with fellow bloggers;
  • Be understanding of each other, in the blogging community, as well as in the world;
  • Stay away from internet/blogging bullying;
  • Speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful of other's feelings; be tactful;
  • Make an effort, no matter how big or small, to spread kindness or joy to others;
  • Acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human), but remember to learn from them;
  • Know that at times, I will post about the negative stuff in life, and maybe even complain, but I will always follow up with something happy/positive too;
  • Believe that this world is a good place, filled with good people.