Photo Challenge

I started this challenge on 24th August 2011. You will see the photos through my daily posts, but here is where they'll be in all their glory (or not).

Day 1 - Yourself

Self portraits are always a pain in the ass, it's easy as an outside entity to be able to capture another's personality, you can see it works cause you capture what stands out for that particular person. But when it comes to yourself, you know all your sides, and a portrait of yourself can never live up to your expectations. This is close, it's my faviourite dress, the glasses I'm known for, and the 'Mona Lisa' Smile.
Day 2 - What you wore today
One of my faviourite casual shirts, a really cute simple print. 
Love the buttons and the little pocket. This is what I wore today.

Day 3 - Your Favourite Place to Be
It's difficult to decide on a favourite place to be, for obvious reasons (mainly distance). So here are a few images from my home. It rained all day today, so being in my home, with my family, was a nice place to be, if not my favourite.

Day 4 - From a High Angle

Simply some long exposure (30" in fact!) shots from the top floor of my house. I'm wanting to do some more of these, especially someone where there is a lot less ambient lighting, such as an overpass, etc. 

Day 5 - Whatever you want
This is a billboard on Wellington Street in the old Fruit Market. A lot of this area is very rundown, populated with derelict, roofless buildings. As a part of Hull's regeneration, many of these old photos have been popping up to show how it used to be. There's some great black and white photos, with a bit of history along side. Thankfully, this beautiful area, part of the old town and near the river Hull, is starting up again, old buildings are being used for community cinemas, art galleries and cafes. 

Day 6 - From a Low Angle...
Today was the first time since summer came that we've had a log fire (and it was a good decision!). We use off cuts from a local merchant that we get by the 1/2 tonne and store in the shed. Its a wood burning stove which heats the water, and so heats the radiators and gives us boiling hot water (around 80C/176F) straight out the tap. This is just an iphone image; I just downloaded the flickr app and uploaded the images straight from my phone. I love technology!

Day 7 - Silhouette
Not quite a silhouette, but today has been such a gloomy, rainy day, that it's been pointless going outside for a better kind of silhouette. I do however like this photo, it's of Yuki, the latest (but temporary) addition to our family, more about her here

Day 8 - Something Close Up
Closeups of my favourite textiles right now. The first is a recent purchase, more in a later post, and the second is my Elsham Chunky Knit Blanket from Laura Ashley. 

Day 9 - Something Far Away
Here is one of Yorkshire's greatest man made structures. The Humber Bridge which spans the River Hull (Technically, where I live isn't just Hull, but Kingston-upon-Hull). 
It was the longest single span suspension bridge in the world for over 16 years. 
Where I went to take photos is called Hessle Foreshore, which then has a small woodland park, local pub, hotel and ice cream van!

Day 10 - Whatever you want
Here is the cute little house I wish I could buy (it's at Auction soon with a guide price of £22,000 - £30,000/$36,000 - $49,000). Inside their is an original AGA, beautiful fire places, wood floors and original tiling. On the outside, ornate wrought iron supports and stained glass windows. So much potential! I can imagine this house with a nice white paint job, blue or peach door, and beautifully clean, but vintage interior with cute wallpaper and all cosy; specially as it's just a 1 bed bungalow!

Day 11 -  Black And White
I bought some Wild Mushrooms from the Market today, and this was in with them. I believe it's a variety of oyster mushroom, the actual colour is a lovely red-pink. Tomorrow's image is supposed to be of the same subject as today, but that can't happen as these have already been eaten (as shown in my Recipe here). Will have to cheat for tomorrow!

Day 12 - Same Shot, Different Light...

Day 13 - A photo edit you like
I am loving this collection by Ben Heine "Pencil VS Camera". 
Not particularly a photo edit as such, 
but the original scene has been edited by his cute little sketches. 
Love it!

Day 14 - Focusing on Eyes...