Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Twenty before TwentyOne

As inspired by Kaelah of Honeybean Boutique, I've decided to do my own version of her "24 before 25" with "20 before 21".

The idea is to complete as many of these tasks as possible before your next birthday, making a new list including any that you didn't manage to complete for the next year, for me it will be TwentyOne before TwentyTwo.  

My List

Twenty before TwentyOne
1. Make the shop a success 
2. Get the studio established
3. Move out 
4. Get a different car
5. Start Bike Riding; get an Electra
6. Pass all my exams and start a new Accountancy-Business course
7. Get my Photography Certificate
8. Clear my overdraft
9. Get a French BullDog
10. Drop two dress sizes
11. Grow my hair long and get it back into good condition
12. Plan a trip away; anywhere!
13. Go camping at least once
14. Do something for Charity
15. Save money every time I get some, at least 10%
16. Go Swimming once a month
17. Do more crafting, using the materials I already have; no need to buy!
18. Find a placement for my accountancy; one day a week
19. Make budgets and stick to them!
20. Spend quality time with family and friends

Hopefully by 29th November this year rolls round, most, if not all of these will have been completed/attempted. Wish me luck!

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