Tuesday, 30 August 2011

In need of a good home.

Let me introduce the lovely, Yuki. 

Through some strange circumstances we were left with this cat, no rescue centre can take her as she's not an emergency and no one we know is looking for a cat. 
She's a house cat, unlike mine, and so has never been outside. This is such a strange concept to me, as my cats come in and out as they please, even when it's cold and raining outside, they still go out. However, I'm feeling a little less guilty about having her just in my room for now, she has everything she needs and is used to. 
I feel like she's an orphan, her owner actually went back to Penang in Malaysia and left her with us. Yuki is very timid, she perches on my windowsill (all of 2" wide) and watches everything that is going on, not wanting to get involved. I've been trying to get her confidence by giving her lots of petting; whenever I leave her I feel so bad. I imagine that because she's been on her own for so long that any time I leave, she thinks that I'm never going to come back and starts her delicate meowing, whining for me to stay. How sad is that? :(
We're looking for a home for her; she's about 2 and half years old, a tortoiseshell with a few white markings, very petite and so affectionate, hopefully someone will want her. 

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