Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The importance of a "career"

More and more these days, my thoughts of a career are turning from pipe dreams, to actual direct actions and steps that will get me there. Like many others, I have felt for years that a 9-5 is far from anything that I want. It's something that other people do; somehow I'll land on my feet and get the best job ever, travelling the world, doing what I love and getting paid for it. Of course, these thoughts stay with me; it would be rather depressing if I snapped into reality completely!

 I've recently updated my CV and wrote to a dozen or so Accounting practices in my local area asking for some sort of placement for a couple of days a week over summer. And it's got me thinking, me, Rebekah, the float through life, laid back, do whatever comes naturally, not thinking of the future, is doing exactly that! Naturally, because I'm studying in something vocational, I did seriously consider it as a career, but when I first started it wasn't really about that, more of using my time for something productive and keeping active (mentally, not physically, ha!). But now I've completed all of my exams (as of yesterday, yippee!!)  I've found myself feeling excited about a regular job, wearing office wear, chatting round the cooler, and scarily, having a boss being more A-OK!

 This change of thought is somewhat peculiar, making me think whether what I'm thinking is really me, or is it an environmental persuasion? Much like the desire for a flash car, or the latest must have what-cha-ma-call-it, is my want to have a salaried career a psychological need to conform to societal norms?
What got me thinking was the childhood cliched question "what do you want to be when you're older?" and the more I think about it the more awful it seems. Of course, to an innocent child, it's a fun concept; wanting to emulate their hero, idol, favourite toy (god forbid it be a "celebrity"!) but to the more cynical lot of us, it's the notion that our career becomes us, what we want to be  is a title of position or job.

For many, this question moulds the rest of their lives, not wanting to disappoint their inner child they go on to study biology,  and on to be a vet, and for those who manage success, well done! But for some, this simple answer back when they were a young child becomes a symbol of disappointment and failure. Is it right to be putting so much importance of what career we have?

Even as an adult, I find myself being asked "what do you do?"  as though the person I am, or going to be is what I find to do to pay the bills. Maybe I am being too cynical, I am certainly excited that in a few years time I'll be able to say that I am a fully qualified chartered accountant (hoping all goes well), but maybe I should be looking towards improving myself as a person as well as, so that I can say something important about who I am and not just what I do.

I'd like to say goodbye today with a few questions, leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

 Have you ever felt pressured when considering a career?

 Is it really that bad to be putting so much importance on "what you want to be when you're older?"

 Have you, or are you, following your childhood dreams, or are you like me and want to be something different everyday of the week? (I was discussing last night with my other half about opening a BBQ diner!)

 Peace and Love,
Future business woman/wife/mother/nice person

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