Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Perfect Study

Hey lovelies!

I've put my professional-business head on recently and have some very exciting plans in the pipeline which I can't wait to share with you! I've also been looking at new build houses with my OH and day dreaming of the perfect starter home! I don't think I'll ever rent, and the possibility of owning a new home using the amazing government/house builder loans which means you can get a 75% mortgage, while still only putting down 4-5% is amazing. This has also lead to looking at £200k houses and conning myself I could actually afford them, well, I need to get a job first!

So, the words professional and home can only mean one thing, home study/office! I've been collecting images on pinterest like it's nobodies business. Seriously, I am so obsessed with that site, I'll go through everything recent and 'like' the images that appeal, I'll then meticulously go through my haul and repin them to the most appropriate board....Yeh, you too?

Here are a few of my favourite study/office designs. That's probably what I'm looking forward to the most about moving out; a room with all my favourite things, so inspiring and colourful, totally feminine and totally me.

I love the white corner desk, and the gorgeous aqua chair matching the walls. Simple. 
The Wedding photo is perfect too.

Chevrons! As well as this funky design technique, 
ombre also seems to be popular; definitely using it my house!
Loving the grey with the warm yellow and the fresh flowers.

I always prefer offices/studies to be in a separate room, allowing you to close the door on work life/mess for the evening. So this room above is a little odd, but the rug is perfect and I love the warm greys with the white.

A little more traditional in decor. My main love of this design is the floor to ceiling bookshelf.
This is something I'll definitely need! Currently, even though I'm not in a state of moving, all my books are either in boxes, or random piles about the house. I can't wait to see them all together!

I LOVE the idea of having an office large enough to have a separate desk. It's a brilliant idea and I really think it would allow so much more creativity! You'd have your little computer desk to do your emails, accounts, (blog/pinterest) and get inspiration, and then your larger, electronic-less table to do crafts, sew, etc. I think it's so important to have a break from technology and reconnect with the world and yourself; this idea seems perfect for that. 

How is your office/study set out? Are you like me and can't wait to have one? 

Peace and Love


  1. Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing! I love, love LOVE cute office spaces. Mine is all over the place at the moment, which is something I clearly need to change after seeing these!


    1. I'm the same here, having so many projects on the go and running your own while not having an office is absolutely dire. Paperwork everywhere! I'd put up with a white box (who am I kidding, I'd chuck tonnes of colour and cute fabrics in there!)

      Rebekah x