Friday, 21 December 2012

The Sales!

I shouldn't really need to introduce this, we all know what's coming after the Christmas and New Year festivities...and that's the big January Sales!

As I get older, and start to spend my money more wisely, I start to realise how great the sales can be! And the best way is to check out what you want, try it on and know where it is, so that you can go straight to whatever it is and cash in on those great deals!

I'm obsessed with Kirstie Allsopp, particularly her style, elegance, individuality and fun! She's a beautiful woman and I bet if her and Nigella Lawson had grown up together they would be best friends (the annoying kind that are always perfect and doing fun things!). 

Now and again, I do go through my phase of Kirstie Allsopp-esque clothing. Think knee high boots, good tights and a classically tailored, but whacky print dress. And I must say, I do love this phase! As it usually comes along with baking/cooking/crafting, which is always good!

Recently, I visited Kaliko. A brand that is probably aimed at an age a little higher than 21 (ahem) but can surprise you with some great items. A little pricey, with the average dress at £60-£85, but fantastic none the less. I was with my mum who did, I must admit, force me to try on a few dresses, that at first sight seemed a little dull. But when on, they looked great! The material, quality and cut of the dresses is above most found on the high street, and you just know that it will be a great staple piece for many years to come. 

These were some of my favourites, I tend to dress quite autumn/winter-y throughout the year, so I can see these with some nice soft leggings/tights, knee high leather boots and a great jacket. Oh, I can't wait for the sales!
Was £85 Now £40
I must admit, this is one of the dresses that I didn't like on the hanger,
but when I tried it on, it was just luxurious! The material is fantastic and the fit is just brilliant. 

Was £60 Now £20!
I love the alternating sizes of stripes, very clever and flattering.

Was £60 Now £30
A beautiful, versatile print, with pockets(!) and the material is quite soft and felty, lovely!

Over the next week in the run up to the January sales I will be bringing you more of my favourite deals, from some fantastic high street brands! 

Merry Christmas!


P.S. This post was purely my opinion, and was not sponsored by Kaliko.

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