Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some big news :D

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Mine was pretty unforgettable. On 23rd December, Calvin and I's first Anniversary, at 00.01, he asked me to marry him!

We were both crying buckets, and it was the perfect proposal. Nothing too fancy for this homegirl. We had had a delicious homemade curry with coconut rice, watched a movie and had had a really nice chilled out day. He said happy anniversary and went upstairs saying he had a present for me, came back with a card and his phone out filming...The card was full of lovely things about how he feels about me, and I could hardly finish reading it, I was crying way too much already.

The next thing I knew he was down on one knee, crying as well, and asking me to be his wife. It still doesn't seem real. We've talked about getting married, he was actually going to propose on my 21st, at the end of November, but we both agreed that it didn't quite feel like the right time.

We've both agreed that we'll get married once I've finished university and got into a good job. There's no point rushing! But this does mean that I've already started planning, and Calvin even bought me my very own hand finished paper chase notebook so we can write down our plans.

Expect in the next couple of months/years to have the odd wedding-based post from me, I have a lot of fun ideas and great inspiration to share!

For now, I'll leave you with a terrible picture of the ring (I must admit, this isn't the ring Calvin proposed with, as sadly, even though it was incredibly beautiful, it didn't quite fit. We went out the next day and chose this one together, I love it!)

Peace and Love!

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