Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What's to come?

Hello my Sweeties!

I hope you had a really good time turning in the new year! Calvin and I had some nice food, chilled out watching TV and then watched the London Fireworks, which were frankly, A-MA-ZING! Remixed ELO and a mega abundance of fireworks, what could be better?

2012 was a difficult year. This time 12 months ago I was planning the start of my new business, very excited and researching all my potential suppliers! I also finished one course and started another. Going back to uni was the best decision I could've made, being a few years older, I've really appreciated it and know the importance of studying, rather than just seeing it as a stop gap. I will, however, be changing my degree from Economics and Marketing to Management and Marketing, which is possible to do due to the generic first year at Hull Uni Business School. Brilliant :)

I also moved out and in to a new flat with my boyfriend, Calvin, and spent 3 and half months there while we tried to find somewhere else! Sleeping in a bedroom no bigger than a double bed, with no windows that opened, was just killer! Eugh, scumbag landlords, eh?!

We found our perfect house which we're decorating slowly. 

We got Catface! Our adorable little black male kitten.

I turned 21, and Calvin and I got engaged!

2012 was definitely the year of firsts and I hope this continues positively into 2013. 

Instead of resolutions (well, ok, I made one not to procrastinate!) I decided to focus on things I want to do/achieve this year. 

One thing that is really important to me and that I want to prove to myself is that I can finish my first year of university and pass. My first attempt I had to leave due to illness, my second it just wasn't for me, and this is my third. If I fail, there are no more chances, so no matter what, I have to continue! I think it's because I get focused onto something else and I feel like that would be the better option and life is too short to do something that you don't want to. But sometimes that's just not true, I've got to be more focused this year. Finish my degree, and then consider the next steps. Whether that is doing another course, a postgrad, or find a job. 

I also want to become more organised, make my office space prettier and start buying artwork that inspires me. I also want to start developing my own style. I love to draw, but what often puts me off is that I try and work to a certain style and if it isn't perfect, I stop and get disheartened. I shouldn't do this, art is something to be enjoyed.

I also want to travel more with Calvin. We have a tattoo session booked in with an artist called Alicia Rafferty at Inspirations Tattoo Studio, Leeds, England. So that'll be a nice day out!

Talking of tattoos, I want more, of course I do, I always have. I'm considering what to do next. Our wedding isn't for 3 years or so, and I know that I don't want anymore than quarter sleeves by then. I love brides who wear their ink with pride, and it's not that I'd be ashamed, I just feel like I want to be married and secure and "successful" before I start venturing out any further. 

I certainly have plenty of space to do so! I currently have 4, two large pieces on my back, one big one on my thigh and a little one just next to it. So I have most of my back, thighs,  and top of my arms. I think I do want to have full sleeves, or at least half, a few calf tattoos, feet and hands possibly!

2013 will be the year of commitment, focus and creativity. Yeah, that sounds about right :) 

Peace and Love!

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