Friday, 2 September 2011

Furniture Fridays: Beautiful Shelving Units

Hello, and thank you for joining me tonight :)

In the second installment we will be looking at beautiful pieces of furniture in the form of shelving, woohoo! I do think that shelving is a difficult one to get right, filling the right space, with the right colour, etc. And allowing some space for alterations down to colour and pattern whenever you re-decorate. If you get wood shelving, do you sand and varnish, or do you just prime and paint? What about the wall behind?

I love this workspace, dual chairs too! Great use of space too, so useful!
I think this is a fantastic idea, using wallpaper or fabric to line the insides of old crates.
Could even be changed at whim for a new pattern or colour scheme.

Some great G-Plan-esque short cabinets, and simple shelving, combined with some very strong patterns. I love the high space, too.
Same again, Orla Kiely <3 Also loving the herringbone parquet flooring too.
Such an organised pantry! I think we'd all love to have something like this! 
Love this, so fun! 
Great use of space, colour co-ordinated storage boxes with bedding. Love grey and orange as a colour combo.

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