Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kitchen Garden, end of the Summer.

Hello Y'all :)
We've always grown vegetables and fruit in our garden, especially tomatoes and cucumber in the green house, but this year, we decided to do a little more. The hauls weren't huge, but what we did have was great and has been enough to make us want to do this again next year, with a few changes. 

This year, we grew the following:
Tomatoes, around four varieties
Green Peppers
Butternut Squash
Pak Choi
Potatoes, again, four varieties
Broad Beans
Runner Beans
(We also have wild gooseberries and brambles/blackberries)

Like I say, not much did well, like the Garlic and Onions which just rotted, sadly. And all of the peas and beans gave us just a few small harvests, not as much as they could have. The potatoes this year where definitely the best, and I was happy with the varieties I had chosen. Next year we will be giving more room over to the potatoes so that we're able to store some for christmas time. 

Pea Shoots, March 11. 
Pak Choi Shoots, March 11, also. 

My Artichoke <3 What a beauty!
First Potato Harvest, July 10.
Corn, July 11. 
First Pea harvest, July 12.
Biggest potato, ever! 10" in length. 
Must take more photos, this one doesn't do it justice. 

Favourite recipe right now is using my potatoes for mash potato, with mustard and creme fraiche. Lovely! It's so satisfying making a meal from whatever you've grown; such a shame that not a lot did really well, but there's always next year!

Have a good day :)


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  1. Aw, sorry to hear that some of your stuff didn't work out - better luck next year I hope! It looks like the things that went well went really well though - that artichoke is a corker! Lovely pics too.