Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Shopping Discovery: White Stuff

Hello lovely readers :)

I got myself a great new bit of technology yesterday, an iPad2. I'm overwhelmed by it, but when it comes to bloggin', it's a bit awkward. I think that this might just be a Blogger problem? Anybody else experience this?

Anyway! Today I was out shopping with my ma' in a little market town called Beverly, it's quite up and coming and has shops that we dont even have in Hull. One of these shops is White Stuff and I think I'm in love. When on every hanger it has engraved "Happiness in Every Stitch" I know I'm in the right place.

It's expensive, I must admit. For a dress you're looking at £65, a cardigan or skirt £50 and a top £40, which isn't too bad for a one off purchase, but when you want everything in the shop, it can't be quite an expensive venture.

Below are some images from the inside the changing room, though they are all unique, and some of my faviourite items from their website


Beautiful vintage wallpaper
Great lighting (the large antiqued mirror was also backlit), and I love the cornicing, feels like you're in someone's front parlour, gorgeous!
I love this dress, with sweet little pockets, and the neckline is great.
This looks much better in the shop, it's a peach colour, with a sweet lace top. 
I love that the name for the colour of this cardigan is "Baby Elephant"
Pattern is great, as are the colours. 
Think it would be really good through autumn, even into winter.

I would highly recommend this shop if you can find one near you, however they are just in the UK at the moment. 

On other news, I got my enrolment details through the post today for my Photography course, and we have a trip on 22nd September (!) to Hepworth, Wakefield and Leeds Art Gallery :) I haven't been on a school trip since my GCSE years in 2008!

Exciting times to come!

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