Saturday, 17 September 2011

Shoe Love

Sorry that I haven't blogged for the past week, y'know how life gets in the way for us bloggers. 
Just to bring you up to speed, I've started my Accountancy evening class, started learning how to crochet, been to an amazing village farmers' market and start Freshers' Week for my Photography course on monday. 

Last night after reading Kaelah's post on one of her autumn outfits, I searched for a uk stockist of those wonderful Gee WaWa shoes, seriously, I want them so bad, in every colour! They look comfortable enough to wear all day and look great with jeans, especially the wide leg/flare/bootcuts of this season, and with pretty dresses, tights (and cardigans!). 
Aren't they awesome?! 
Though I do love how Kaelah wears hers olive versions with maroon tights.

Admitting defeat, I stumbled across office's website. I've never been on there, but my luck was in, and I ordered a pair for £12 (+£3.50 P+P) that were £65! Wow, BIG discount. 
A bit different, but substantial enough for winter, I'm hoping.  Again, tights, skinny jeans, bootcuts, can see it all happening with these shoes. Love the detail too, and £53 off?!

Here are a few more shoes I'm absolutely loving right now for your viewing pleasure. 

Blowfish, "Harley" boots, £70, Schuh. 
I love these, they look so comfortable, but like they have good sturdy soles too.
Dr Martens, "Triumph Floral" Boots, £135, Dr Martens/Schuh
Doc Martens are always gonna be my faviourite, and I love these. 
Silk laces, floral inside (that can also turn down, and very reliable. 
And these Shearling ones, sooo good for winter!
Red or Dead, "Cupcake" shoes, £70, Schuh
Love the style, and the colour, could be really formal, or dressed cute with a fun playsuit.
Hush Puppies, "Freya" Shoes, £55, Schuh
Hush Puppies will always be special to me, I remember wearing them when I was little. Going from the age of 4 at the end of august/beginning of september to buy school shoes, and they'd always be Hush Puppies. I like these for the heart cut out detail, the straps and the great floral fabric inside, however, I really don't like that heel. 

And I leave you tonight, with a few Irregular Choice heels, as I can't really just show you one, can I? (And also the promise of more regular posting (:)
"Tea and Cakes Floral Bow" High Heels, £65
"Oz Can't Touch This" Heels, £80
I love the heel, and the gold. 
The same as above, but in floral. 
"Oz Smooch T-Bar Glitter", £70
So whimsical, how gorgeous are these? Look so much fun. 

What shoes are on your wishlist?


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  1. Oh my, I LOVE the purple shoes!
    Cute blog, Its awesome!!!!