Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Goal For Every Month - Update

Hey my pear drops!

This year, instead of having a year long goal to keep to, I've decided to follow small goals each month.

In January, my aim was to get my finances in order. I'm still slugging it out to get there, with the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau. But it will happen! I've now got a job, just 12 hours a week, but awesome nonetheless! The extra money will really help.

In February, the goal is to Spend Quality Time together. We've been really busy the last few weeks, but we've made sure that we've had lunch together every week and that we sit and watch a film together on the weekend too. Next sunday we'll be going to a wedding fayre in Hull and making a few little plans, hopefully! The same weekend we'll also be going for a meal with Calvin's family as it's his sister's birthday. Can't wait for that!

In March, my goal is to Blog almost every day! Eep! I expect I may do a few scheduled posts over those busy days!

Peace and Love!

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