Thursday, 21 February 2013

Laura Ashley Uniform

Hey lovelies!

I go in for training at Laura Ashley a week tomorrow and I can't wait! I start on the sunday after that, just too exciting!

One of the best benefits that I know about so far is that you get a uniform allowance every 3 months as well as 65% off all fashion and 30-40% off everything else. I love their fashion department, they've gotten a little younger with their audience recently, it was mentioned in the interview that they are aiming at the 30+ professional, but some of their stuff is really quite modern and young, depending on how you style it.

There are some really lovely things, and I always covet their summer dresses, just too beautiful!

These are the things I'll be having a look at especially, a lot is in their sales and so don't have their full ranges of sizes available (up to a UK 20; hence their trousers don't fit me >_<).

Super smart and chic black shirt dress (Was £75.00 Now £56.25) looks so easy to style! And the equally smart waterfall cardigan (Was £65 Now £48.75). I love this style, really flattering and comfortable to wear.
I love this combo together, the gorgeous dress (Was £95.00! Now £21.75) is currently only available in a UK14, but I'm hoping that they have one in stock in store! This cardigan would go so nicely with it (Was £65.00 Now £48.75)!
Block colours and stripes? Yes please! I like to wear shirts like this under high waisted skirts, especially if its for a smart occasion (Was £50.00 Now £37.50). This dress is so cute, I love the fabric, but the shades of coral are just a little off for me, nice all the same (Was £80.00 Now £60.00). 
I love my graphic prints, and this is just too perfect! I love the styling with blue leggings and smart shoes. Will be almost definitely getting this! (Was £65.00 Now £48.75). A nice monochrome striped boat neck, a good staple, I thinks! (Was £60.00 Now £45.00). 

Some gorgeous lovely work stuff, yes? I'm especially in love with the chevron shirt dress, the black shirt dress, the striped top dress and the cute matching polka dot cardigan. Cannot wait to start!

Peace and Love!


  1. How exciting! They have some really pretty work clothing -- professional yet still stylish and fun. The colors just pop! I just love that coral pink color to bits!


    1. They're gorgeous aren't they! I can't wait to start buying my uniform! Love it! x

  2. did you wear your own clothes, all black or represent laura ashley to the interview?