Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ok, so I love clothes just a little too much!

Hey everyone!

 We had a "landlord check" today. Basically, he would come round and check that the house isn't wrecked, etc. So I cleaned for hours and hours; every inch of the house had been hoovered, polished and disinfected. I also went through all my clothes and had a bit of a clear out! I ended up missing a meeting about being a student ambassador, and a lecture on Chinese Characters (which I was really looking forward to) and then they cancelled!

 When I was doing this, going through all the clean washing (from my mum's! We still don't have our own washing machine!) and hanging them up in the wardrobe, I realised "Gawd...I have a lot of clothes!"(and I really need a system of organising/wearing!).

 I love the concept of capsule wardrobes. The perfect shoes, a wearable skirt, several tops and smart blazers/cardigans. The thought of having a wardrobe like this makes me feel a little more grown up; everything neat and in it's place. A girl can dream!

 Anyway, despite realising, and coming to terms, with the fact that I have way too much clothes (plenty of which don't fit, are worn out, I don't like anymore), I've decided to show you a few of my favourite things from the New Collection at White Stuff. I blogged about the brand before, here.

The much coveted Cat Dress! I love the fabric and style, what a great shape! Here.
I love the postal theme of this fabric. Here.
And as a skirt! Here
I think this top is a must! I see so many possibilities! Here
And the postal print in a different colourway, and as a top! Love this too! Here.

It's a tough choice between Laura Ashley and White Stuff!

Peace and Love

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