Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How to be a Fat Bitch 2

Hey twinkle toes!

I'm really love this e-course that Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl. It's so empowering and eye opening! I am not a lesser human because I'm fat, I can go and enjoy days by the beach in anything I choose to wear. I don't have to wear tights because I should be ashamed of my legs and huge calves. I shouldn't feel self conscious and wrong to eat a big cream cake in public (I did this recently, huge hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream, and shared a lovely big cream and jam scone with my mum!). 

This week's FAT-ASS-IGNMENT (brilliant!) is to reclaim the word fat. Make it into an empowering word, recognise whether you are fat and love it!

What I will be doing this week is completing my contribution for Jess's Body Riot Zine which will be  all about fat bellies (and what they're good for; LITTLE SPOILER, everything!)

I now no longer consider FAT to be a bad word. As Rachele says, it describes me completely, it's empowering. I refuse to let it be a word which connotes shame and self-hatred. I am FAT and that's not just OK, but brilliant. I have nothing to excuse myself for or change. Everything about my body is fab, my thighs, my calfs, my tummy, my butt, my face, everything. And I decide that on my own grounds, not on what I'm told. 

I Am Fat but and I can....
....ride a bike
....be successful in my career
....be a good person
....eat what I like
....receive and give love on all levels 
....be funny!
....wear what I like and look awesome
....eat food
....be creative
....have a valid opinion
....be kind to others
....have control
....be a good wife
....be an even better (future) parent
....demand and give respect
....be beautiful and know it
....be adventurous
....be inspiring
....be in control of my own self image
....be anything I want

Peace and Love!

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