Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back To School: The Right Course of Action

  Good Evening, hope you've had a good day :) Tonight I'll be talking about going back to school and what its like for me. 

Two weeks today I'll be heading back to school/college/university. It's actually going to be a new school for me, as I left the school where I had been for the last 7 years back in summer 2010.  I had started a university course in October 2010 in Philosophy and Film, but after illness and difficulties in catching up I dropped out during the Christmas break. It was a good course, but I just hadn't enjoyed the kind of unique environment a university offers and I much preferred a college setting. 

So, after a few months of trying to find work, I had my first interview to attend my local college and study a BA in Lens Based Photo Media (or Photography to you and I). I got onto the course and so I've been waiting since then to start, such a long wait when you're trying to fill your days; the urge to have a routine is ridiculous. 
During this time I also did a 10 week course from City & Guilds in Computerised Accounts and enjoyed it so much I decided to enrol for the full AAT (Association of Accountant Technicians) Level 2 in Accounting course; with 3 years of this I'll be able to qualify as an Accountant! I recently had my interview, the tutor was lovely and funny, which is a relief as we always worry that our teachers are going to be a pain, don't we? But he was nice and rang up the other department to see when I'd be free for his classes as I didn't know (and still don't!) when my Photography classes are. 
I start two weeks today, and I'm very excited! I'm always so hopeful when september comes around, I feel so ready to do my assignments and that college will be a blast. But this year, I don't know...the luster has gone, after the failure to launch of last year I'm more anxious that it will happen again. This is my last shot, and I don't want to mess it up.
Then again, Photography is my passion, it's all I've ever wanted to do, and something I've always gone back to. And Accountancy, well. I love Maths, I did it at A-Level, and I've always had an interest in controlling budgets (potentially my ridiculous organisational OCD). So, I'm going to have faith and do my best; its now or never. 

Are you starting a course in september? College or University? Are you starting again like me? What will you be studying?

Peace and Love!

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