Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tea Party Dress Up

  Today will be a short post as I've not been doing much more than setting up a quarantine tank for my male Ranchu goldfish, Fuji. He's contracted Dropsy yet again, but just on one side. Dropsy is a condition where they cannot regulate internal fluids and it goes in between the layers of skin and scales and makes them bloat out, resembling a pine cone. It puts a lot of pressure on their organs and is a difficult thing to treat. Heartbreaking, but thankfully non-contagious. 

  It is also the second day of my project and today's subject is "What you wore today"; sadly nothing interesting as it was a day of moving tanks about (starting to clear my room a little more), and the plans to head to a Rock night at a local bar was cancelled. However, a simple print is something that I love and today I wore one of my new faviourite shirts.
Update: Here is my Day 2 photograph. 

   I'll update this post a little later with today's picture once flickr and iPhoto decide to co-operate. 

   My style over the last few years has been nothing short of erratic, flipping in between every kind of style you can imagine. But in the last year, my love for vintage dresses, and cute design, has soared, to the point where it's a major part of my life. I'm learning everyday through some fantastic blogs, of which are on the right there ---------> 
It's great to see people's individual take on a particular era. More on this in future blogs :)

   But I leave you now with some more pictures from my pinterest, "Tea Party Dress Up"

A beautiful leather and print satchel from Liberty. I'm loving the different coloured leathers,
looking for something like this for when college starts.
This is Kaelah, of Little Chief Honeybee. I love her style, pretty dress sense and her fantastic tattoo :D

I absolutely love this jumper from Chelsea Girl @ River Islands' A/W 11. 
This is just gorgeous, certainly an achievable diy, with any kind of colour scheme or print, beautiful;
especially love the bird print on the chest. 
And finally something that I'm sure goes through everyone's mind once in a while!
Thank you for reading :)

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  1. thanks for taking part! :) i'll link you up super soon! and i LOVE that purse! oh my gosh! so cute!

    love, rach.