Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Set in stone

      Good evening! Well, over the last few days I've been making final decisions about the design of my room and making a few important purchases. I've got my beautiful Laura Ashley "Lori Floral" wallpaper (seen in the last post) and I made some decisions on paint colours and have my samples. It was so unbelievably difficult trying to make firm decisions on a colour scheme, as I want it to be very retro, 50s in particular, but still colourful and fun without it being too "flouncy". I also was a bit wary of having too many colours, thinking of sticking to a blue theme due to my wallpaper, then again, I really wanted peach involved.

These are the exact two colours I have chosen; Dulux's "Amber Queen 3" and "Lilac Heather 4" (if you're interested!). 

      The colours are a bit different in reality, especially the lilac, but it still shows a good combo above, well, I believe so anyway! They remind me of pastel shaded sugared almonds, and thats always a good thing. Hopefully the softness will allow for the 3 shades, including the blue of the wallpaper from my previous post. In fact, it makes me think of a lovely sunset, which certainly works!

     As I'm getting my room ready to be totally overhauled (it's currently magnolia, hot pink, and worn varnished wood floors) I have been going through my stuff, an unimpressive total of 4 small boxes....obviously, this does not include my clothes, but is mainly comprised of books, dvds and odd bits and pieces. I'm yet to move out my fish tanks, of which I have four, which is going to be such a hassle; so I've decided to leave that till last. I also have to move out two chest of drawers, a tv cabinet (and tv), a desk and computer, a large shelving system (comprised of bare metal and unpainted mdf) and wait for a dry day to be able to put my bed out on the veranda, as there is no way that it can fit through my bedroom door! If there was no chance of rain, and the weather was more of that of a barmy summer in Tenessee, I may have decided to leave it there and sleep outside! But no, It'll be back in once the floor has been sanded and varnished (note to self: will have to be up early to be able to get a few coats of varnish on). 

      I leave you today with a few pictures from my pinterest site. I cannot bleet enough about how much I love this site, like a lot of arty/crafty types I save a lot of pictures to my laptop that may at some point inspire, but never really get to see them, let a lone share them. This site allows you to upload your own photo/picture, through a file, or a url, and categorise them and share with all on the site! Of course, you have your own followers, and you follow others, but you can see everything, and share everything. I feel inspired every time I log on, in many different areas; sometimes it's with the perfect wedding, quotes, clothing, hair, diy and crafting. Just Brilliant!

Beautiful enamelware, I want this in my future home so bad!

This what I'm hoping my workspace will look like, especially loving all the brightly coloured storage boxes; useful, and pretty!

    One of my most faviourite places in the world, Sorrento, Italy. I find it so fantastic when you know how to get around another city in a different country, like you've left a piece of your heart there and can remember how the sunlight felt on your skin, the atmosphere of the streets (both day and night) and the attitude of the people, both good and bad. I love the moment when you realise that all humans are the same, relatively, they all lead the same kind of lives, no matter where they live, all have the same kind of ambitions, the illusion formed by the foreign language disappears and the world seems so much smaller. I like that. 

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow :)

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