Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cardigan Appreciation

I love a good cardigan, in fact, I love almost any cardigan, and I know a lot of you out there do too. They're great any time of the year, hot or cold. They add class, youth, femininity to any outfit and make those rainy days that much brighter.Here is a little collection of some of my faviourites, enjoy!

Above two are Laura Ashley pieces from this summer. 
Such a simple DIY! Love it, must do this. 

I've shown you this cardigan in a previous post, but isn't it just fantastic? I love the colour, and the simple patterning on the back, seems somewhat achievable for a beginner like myself. 
I adore this, wearing a cardigan (and tan boots!) on your wedding day! Reminds me of Kaelah of LCHB as she's contemplating wearing a cardigan on her big day too. 
Fantastic shape, looks so cosy and I love the colour.
Mustard! My current faviourite colour. This cardie is available at Topshop for £48. The cabling and ribbing is a bit much for me, but the collar and colour is great. 
Beautiful! The colour is amazing, always love purple. And the shape! Wow, such great design, I'd love to own this cardigan. 

What's your favourite cardigan? 

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  1. I looove cardigans too. Twinsets even more