Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Today is the first installment in a series of posts called "Wanderlust Wednesdays". Travel is something very close to my heart, and I adore learning about different cultures through the art, architecture, history and cuisine. Growing up I was lucky enough to travel all over europe, this is what spurred my love of Photography.
    Every week I'll be bringing you posts of my faviourite places to visit, dream destinations, and little getaways.

This week it is, Sorrento, Italy. One of my most faviourite places in the world, a place that I have visited often, and always want to return to. Hope you enjoy!

   First, a few facts. Sorrento is on the east coast of Italy in the Bay of Naples. The area is built on steep cliffsides and hills, allowing fantastic views across the bay to Mount Vesuvius, with the historic site of Pompeii below. The town is steeped in history, enjoys the great weather of most mediterranean coastal towns and is a 3 hour drive from Rome (The Amalfi coastal road is fantastic, and is the most common way to get between Rome and Sorrento; steep, exciting, winding cliff roads with roadside watermelon venders!). 
    When visiting Sorrento, expect quaint cobbled streets lacing through the old town, surrounded by beautiful 4 story buildings, leading down to the main square, Piazza Tasso, with the cathedral, restaurants, and further streets with boutique shops and famous brands. There is a gorgeous antique store in the main Piazza, selling the famous walnut inlay furniture in various forms; from jewellery boxes (with the tune "Torna A Surriento" - Return to Sorrento, famously sung by both Bocelli and Pavarotti) to large dressers and wardrobes. 

   Days were usually filled by shopping or sight seeing around the city in the morning, followed by lunch and a siesta in the late afternoon, and then out for the evening (shops re-open after a siesta from 5pm till around 12am!). There is also a day trip boat that goes to the local island of Capri, a very famous location for many movie stars and tourists, alike. This island is beautiful, complete perfection, the sunlight is perfect all through the day, the buildings are gorgeous, and the people of Capri are so friendly and kind. The culture is a little Italian, a little Greek, and this shows through the cuisine, and the unusual white washed buildings of Greece juxtaposed to the sandy coloured buildings of Italy. 
  Getting back to the mainland, Pompeii is a short drive away, and is full to the brim with history. Amazing artifacts, constructions, culture, and plenty of the cats that call the ruins home, such as in Rome and many other parts of Italy. 
  Sorrento is a lovely place to visit, great weather, people, food, transport links (closest airport is Naples NAP), and there is plenty to do. You can spend the days wandering through the city, taking a more relaxed approach, or fill your time with more broader sight seeing, either way, it's a fantastic place to go. 
   Sadly, I have no images of my own from this fantastic little city, so below are photographs from flickr, with credits. 

Bay of Naples, with sorrento in the foreground and Mt.Vesuvius across the bay.Wiki of Sorrento (:

Hope you've enjoyed the first in a series from "Wanderlust Wednesdays", have a good day!

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