Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Plus Sized Tights

For forever I've been searching for the perfect tights, finding some nice ones in Marks and Spencers that do fit and have some funky patterns, and of course the quality associated with M&S. But they're never really funky enough, y'know?

Well, recently I came across a supplier that sells AMAZING PLUS SIZED tights, really funky patterns and a great range in sizes. We're talking UK sizes 8 - 32!

I've ordered a couple of designs wholesale and will be selling them on my eBay a little below RRP. They're all UK Size 20 - 26, I'm an 18/20 so I'm hoping these won't be too baggy, (that'll be an experience, baggy tights on a fattie?!).

I thought I'd share these with you and then let you know when they arrive. So excited to get these!

Comic Book! £7.99

Cute Pink Candy Hearts £7.99

Knitted Leopard Print Ombre £5.99
Small Leopard Print £7.99

Galaxy Print £7.99

Which ones are your favourites? If I get enough demand I'll expand into the other size ranges (8-14, 16-18 and 28-32).

Peace and Love!


  1. Ooo! I like them all! I need to check these out!! :D

    1. There are quite a few other styles/colourways too and I'm really excited about sharing these :D So good I still have my wholesale accounts :D