Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Student Buys

Hey Everyone!

Well, I've been having loads of fun selling my old shop stock on eBay! So thank you very much to everyone who has bought something! There's a few things left if you want to grab a bargain!

I must admit, with these new funds and the student loans I've splashed out a little and bought myself a few necessities (ahem!).

student buys

student buys by rebekah-emily-mary-langton

So, I got the Iron Fist Tank Girl Jacket from eBay (egg n chips clothing) for £25 (until it went back up to £45!). I love it, it's a little short and doesn't have a hood, but I love the thick stretchy warm material and the zip pockets and the cool design on the back.

The owl sweater was from New Look and is pretty awesome. I'd been checking it out for quite a while and kept going back to it. I love the 3 quarter sleeves and that the design is exactly the same on the back.

The trainers actually arrived today. They're vans and I got them from schuh during their sale. £24.99 with free delivery and an extra 10% off with "WELCOME10"! I love them, super cute and a pink sole!

My totoro t-shirt finally arrived on monday! I bought it from the awesome site that is qwertee.com. They are UK based and sell a different t-shirt design each day. They cost £8 (plus £2.50 delivery!) and you never know what design will be next! You can vote for your faviourite to be printed!

The fingerless gloves are from Too Fast and I ordered them from the US site as it made it a little cheaper, plus I ordered a lucky accessory for $8, which could be anything! Exciting (:

That's my spending well and truly done!

I've ordered more tights though, including UK 8-14, 20-26 and 28-32 :)

Peace and Love

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