Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tattoo Love

I've been talking about my tattoos recently, and what with me booking a couple of hours for Calvin and I in a few weeks time, I thought I'd share my tattoos with you!

Since I was young I loved them. My mum got her first (and only one) when I was about 10. A fairly mediocre fairy on her shoulder. My dad, however, utterly detests them, I think more because he doesn't understand the link between Tattoos and Art, or why anybody would want them on their body forever. 

My first tattoo was in May 2011 and was of a large Chrysanthemum in the middle of my shoulder blades, done by Davey Robertson, Cruithni, Hull, UK. It took about 2 and 1/2 hours, and was just about bearable! I was 19 when I got it and probably held on a little longer as I was scared of the pain. I don't even have my ears pierced because of this. 

The plan was to get two Japanese Ranchu goldfish on either side, made to look like Koi, but a little different. I didn't do that however, and got my second tattoo on my right shoulder blade of my "The Cat Returns" inspired maneki neko, or lucky cat. 

Horribly sore >_<
This was done in December 2011 in about 2-3 hoursby my local tattoo artist friend, Betty Banzai, Noir Bizarre, Hull, UK. I wanted it to look odd, not your typical cat, with watercolour-esque colours. The Japanese kanji is "Geibun" 芸文 for Art and Literature and the other is "Chi" 智 for intellect/wisdom/knowledge (also Satoshi which is the first name of the guy who created Pokemon!). 

My third is my beautiful, female, fu-dog/shishi. I got her on my right thigh by the amazing artist, Andy Walker, Creative Vandals, Hull, UK. This was my longest piece and took a solid 8 hours, and it's still not finished! I got my fu-dog to represent my appreciation of asian/japanese culture, for protection and for fertility.

I love everything about it and just epitomises why tattoos are important to me. It's art, meaning, symbolism and life events all roled into one!

I am very excited to be starting on my sleeve in just 10 days! I've decided to go about further afield and get tattooed by Sneaky Mitch Allenden's apprentice, Alicia Rafferty at Inspirations Studio, Leeds, UK. I love her work, and she has really grown over the last few months that I've been following her posts. I will be getting her old-school rendition of this beauty by Camilla d'Errico!

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it tattooed on me somewhere. The catgirl-esque mask made out of hair, the cat ears and the blue and yellow eyes! Firstly, a mask out of hair?! It just screams to me imagination, creativity and fun to make yourself into something else so easily. It seems so fun and child-like. And the blue and yellow eyes? Well, the combination of blue and yellow is so magical to me. It's often used in films to make the scene look more futuristic/interesting. I see it all the time and I drive my Calvin mad with it every time I point it out!

I'm really excited to see what Alicia comes up with, and to get tattooed in just 10 days! EEK! And in such a prominent space. I'm quite a bit scared about it! 

Peace and Love!


  1. Good luck on the tattoo! Please post progress pictures too :D I'm getting mine done tomorrow, eek.

    1. Thanks, Rai! I will do ^_^ Good luck with yours!!

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