Monday, 14 January 2013

Rebellious Fat Girls I - Denim Shorts

I think it would be a cold day in Hell if I ever heard anyone say that they never felt like they couldn't wear what they wanted 'cause they were too big, or too short, or too tall!


So, I heard a little about this thing about wearing what you like? Peculiar concept, huh?! I've always sorta dressed how I wanted within reason. I used to read about how bootcut jeans were best for pear shapes, or how accentuating your shoulders would even out your hips. But really, it's just media/fashion trying to sell clothes, tricking us chubsters into thinking the latest shaper jeans would make us the next "insert slim celebrity name" and we would go out buying them in our wobbly troves.

But really, whatever size you are, the clothes don't matter, it's the confidence, sense of style, personality, and the smile (or the mysterious far-away look).

In light of this, I thought I'd share a few of my faviourite looks that "I'd really love to wear if I were thinner", but will actually invest now I've realised I don't, and should never, give the proverbial.

Firstly, short denim shorts, cool tights, pair of docs, and a fun shirt. I love the look of denim shorts and tights. I used to wear them now and again when I was feeling confident, cutting my fat jeans up that had gone a bit tatty.

You would not believe how difficult it was to find a big girl in denim shorts that wasn't porn/being ridiculed for "thinspo" (god awful!) or of actually slim/skinny girls! I managed to come across this total cutie!

Nicole from The Cute Fat Chick

Rebellious Fat Girls

Ha. OMG. Those Doc Martens. I think I'm gonna google how to do that and do it to my old pair. How gorgeous!

So, I'd probably wear this kind of outfit to any sort of day-day event, like going to uni, shops, town, when it's a bit warmer. 

I'm gonna keep my eyes out for a funky pair of denim shorts to fit my fat ass and thighs, the perfect KISS t-shirt (or maybe The Darkness; Justin Hawkins is such a sexy lil thing!) and a fun cat ear headband! I associate these way too much with my teenage years of being a bit of a cosplay weirdo, and running about as a cat :/ But these are a bit more socially acceptable :) I think I gotta!

Also, those tights. Well! I love my funky tights and have been looking on and off for a while. I have Pamela Mann as a wholesaler from when I had my shop, but never knew they did plus size tights! We're talking about tights up to a UK size 32! How amazing is that! And! They're having a 3 for 2 sale, so I'm gonna be all over that once my loan comes through :D Lots of fun styles to choose from, probably bring you a little choice update when I make my order. 

Peace and Love


  1. OMG! The Doc's, you took the words out of my mouth. Love them! I have been having the HARDEST time finding Galaxy tights in 3x. Do they not think large women would wear them?! I think I found a place on Ebay that has them though but still. I get so irritated when I see something stylish and not in larger sizes.

    1. I've spent the whole day trying to find alternative (i.e. fun fashion) plus sized clothes and wholesalers, with no luck!

      I will however be offering uksize 20-26 tights on my ebay soon ^_^