Sunday, 6 January 2013

To Teach or Not?

Hey Everyone :)

Sorry there was no post yesterday, I've been revising for an exam I have on Monday...I always leave it too late!

So, lately, I've been thinking about whether or not I should become a teacher. My career options and choices vary sporadically. I'm so terrible about choosing a potential career and focusing towards it. I mean, really bad. For example, I completed my UCAS in 2010 (for the first time) to do Zoology, I wanted to become a wildlife photographer, travel the world, write for the BBC/Nat Geo. I changed and did Philosophy and Film because I thought I'd enjoy it. That didn't work out so I ended up going for Photography, expecting it to help me set up my own studio, etc. I saw an opening in the market and was lucky enough to open up my own shop, selling alternative and vintage inspired clothing (you can still buy my stock from the Shop Page!). I'm now studying Marketing and Economics. 

A few of the lovely ladies from the blogs I read are teachers. After reading how brilliant it is to inspire children, read about their lesson plans and how fantastically rewarding it is, it has motivated me to look at teaching as a career seriously. 

Well, the option of becoming a teacher has always been in the back of my mind. I love the idea of inspiring children who are otherwise lost within the education system, much as I felt I was. I always felt  as though I was clever, but in a different way to others, so I never really felt like I benefited from the way of teaching I received, or maybe I was overlooked?

I'd like to be the kind of teacher who recognises the students who are under performing, encouraging all of my students no matter what, and doing my utmost to create students who are realistic about the outside world, yet hopeful and optimistic. 

I've been looking at what kind of qualifications and training I'd need to do. Currently I'm looking at doing the PGCE; Post Grad Certificate of Education. But I'm unsure to whether I should take primary of secondary. I'm looking for a little advice on this, if anyone could help?

I'm also seeking for any kind of advice whatsoever on this kind of subject; what's it really like being a teacher? What is the PGCE like? How does it effect your day-to-day life?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some insight!
Peace and Love!

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